Zolt Kovac



Born in Pančevo in 1975. After accomplishing Mathematical High School, studies on Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. M.A. from the same faculty. Attended School for History and Theory of Images at CCA Belgrade. Currently on Doctoral Studies of Art from FFA Belgrade. Has exhibited on 13 solo shows and many group exhibitions at home and abroad (Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Czech, Estonia, Greece, Russia, Macedonia). Works as lecturer on Belgrade Politechnical College. Co-founder of online magazine for contemporary art Supervizuelna (www.supervizuelna.com). Lives in Belgrade.

Solo exhibitions:
2013 Brilliant Paintings, Art Gallery of Belgrade Cultural Center, Belgrade
2012 Good, Bad, Stupid, Brilliant Painting, Shock gallery, Novi Sad
2010 Paintings of Superfluous Information, Gallery Zvono, Belgrade
2009 Stupid Paintings, Salles gallery “Beograd”, Belgrade
2008 Empty time, Gallery Zvono, Belgrade
2005 Screen Abstraction, Gallery of Cultural Center, Belgrade
2005 Telelife, Gallery of Students Cultural Center, Kragujevac
2003 Circles at the Holland Embbasy, Holland Embassy, Belgrade
2003 Blurred, Press to Exit gallery, Skopje, Macedonia
2002 Blurred, Remont gallery, Belgrade
2001 Art can be such a refreshment, Dom omladine gallery, Belgrade
2001 Retrospective, Gallery of Contemporary art, Pančevo
2001 Choose life (with Nikoleta Marković), Remont gallery, Belgrade

Selected group exhibitions:
2013 1, Gallery of Municipaliti Vračar, Beograd
2013 Mural “Nation without Museums (Monaliza of Majdanpek), Sound and Visions festival, Majdanpek
2013 Red Bull Curates, within Mikser festival, Belgrade
2013 Circle Road - Third Batch, Gallery Remont, Belgrade
2013 Teaser“, windows of Faculty of Fine Art, Belgrade
2012 Collection1, artworks from October Salon”, Gallery Podroom, CC Belgrade, Belgrade
2012 Between Real and Reality (Topography of private/public space), Gallery Third Belgrade, Belgrade
2012 Preslišavanje 3, Gallery Remont, Belgrade
2012 Ambientarte, Pinacoteca comunale “Giovanni di Gaeta”, Gaeta, Italiy
2011 Donumenta, Regensburg, Germany
2011 Art Scene of Pančevo through Time, Cultural center of Pančevo, Pančevo
2010 23rd Čukarica Art Salon, Gallery 73, Belgrade
2009 50th October Art Salon, Belgrade
2009 Carrefour 3, Cultural center Nicolas Salmeron, Madrid, Spain
2009 Carrefour 2, Serbian cultural center, Paris, France
2009 Tempo, tempo, Gallery FLU, Belgrade
2009 The Intimate, The Infinite & The Impossible, Magacin, Belgrade
2008 Young serbian artists (with gallery Zvono), Museum of Art, Temisuara, Romania
2008 Young serbian artists (with gallery Zvono), National Museum of Literature, Kiev, Ukraine
2008 Collection, Telenor Collection, Pavillion Cvijeta Zuzorić, Belgrade
2007 We Would Like To Present…, Art Museum of Togliatti, Russia
2007 GPS. Unknown scenes, Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary
2006 Keine Wunderkammer, Hit Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
2005 Stories from the neighborhood, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia
2005 On Normality. Art in Serbia 1989-2001, Museum of contemporary art, Belgrade
2004 Untiteled (as yet), The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists, Vršac
2003 Billboart Gallery Europe, Bratislava, Slovakia
2003 44th October Art Salon, Belgrade
2003 INOUT, digital media festival, Prag, Czeh Republic
2003 The last East Europian exhibition, Museum of contemporary art, Belgrade
2003 36th winter salon, gallery “Josip-Bepo Benković”, Herceg Novi
2002 Balkan konsulat, Rotor gallery, within “Steirischer herbst” festival, Graz, Austria
2002 22nd memorial of Nadežda Petrović, Čačak
2002 THE MIRROR OF BALKAN : Face-Identity”, National Museum, Kraljevo
2002 Ada Land Art, project within BELEF 2002, Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade
2002 The drawing of Niš, Gallery of contemporary art “Niš”, Niš
2002 Little red elephants, UKS gallery, Oslo, Norway
2002 35th Winter Salon, gallery “Josip-Bepo Benković”, Herceg Novi, Montenegro